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The Details

  • 3500 kg braked trailer - Wof and rego
  • Towable by a 3500kg tow capable vehicle
  • Solar hot water setup
  • Fujitsu Wi-Fi heat pump
  • Fully insulated - insulation in the roof, walls and Expol insulation under the floor
  • Double glazed windows
  • RCD power board - great electrical safety
  • New Zealand timber
  • New Zealand colour steel roof
  • House sizing 10m2 - 20m2

The Warranty

It’s built tough we guarantee it, all our house’s come with a 5-year warranty so you can just get on with living hassle-free.


The Timber

We like to keep things local so all timber is treated timber from New Zealand timber mills from locally grown trees.


Take it where you want to go

All houses are solidly built onto a fully galvanized trailer so you can tow it where you want to go, we call it your place at any space.


The Kiwi Winter Covered

We use a special hot water cylinder that is designed as an outside cylinder, which means you don't have to have the cylinder taking up precious space inside your house, the cylinder is then efficiently heated via our solar water heating system.

We keep you warm and snug by backing the hot water system with a fully insulated house with double glazed windows, insulation is installed in the roof and walls with expo insulation under the floor to keep your feet snug, all this is then fully backed up by a heat pump system that keeps all the winter chills at bay.


Survive The Summer Heat

Our double glassing windows help prevent heat from penetrating your house, this great technology is then backed up by a heat pump that can be switched from heating to cooling, as our houses are fully insulated from top to bottom combined with double glazed windows, you are able to cool your house as effectively as possible as the insulation and double glazing prevents the cool air from escaping, therefore, keeping energy costs lower.


The Roof

The colour steel roof is made right here in New Zealand, which means it's built for New Zealand's weather conditions and as we all know New Zealand can be harsh from UV rays to heavy rain to searing heat and don't forget about that nasty snow our roof puts up with it all.


Here at NADLOC

We also custom build, so you can bring us your dream tiny house plans all built to order.